Ten years in thirty minutes

What we saw in the water was written and recorded mostly between 2007 and 2009. I say mostly because some of these songs are much older than that but for one reason or another never had a home before. The first attempt at recording the title track was made in 2003 and that’s not the oldest song here.

Basic tracks for most songs were recorded in our living room in Wailuku, Maui one day in March 2007. Some overdubs - hand claps come to mind - were done there too but by May we were out of the house and tying up loose ends before moving to Portland, OR.

Working in fits and starts (can it be done any other way?) in our basement, I managed to finish overdubs and mixes, one song at a time, before the usual equipment breakdown. This was a blessing in disguise as it gave me an excuse to remix everything to a newly acquired 2-track tape machine.

Around this time, some new songs bubbled up, providing a different perspective that still seemed to relate to the older material. So what began as an idea for a quick EP evolved into a sort of travelogue: ten years in thirty minutes. I hope you find something of interest.

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David Hamma  voice, guitar, drums, percussion, organ, piano
Heidi Nelms  bass, backing vocals
Cory Brittain  drums, percussion

Produced by David Hamma
Recorded in Maui, HI & Portland, OR
Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk, Stereophonic Mastering
Insert photos & photograms by Heidi
Package lettering, layout & other photos by David
Words & music by David Hamma ©2011 Pulp Canoe (ASCAP)
Thank you  Heidi, Cory, Humphrey, Scott, Val, Ghalib, Demune, Will, Sara T, Tory, Travis, Eliese, Cindee, Potluck, Golden Bears.